Off to Methwold Old Vicarage (all because of a visit to Peake’s House)

Off to Methwold Old Vicarage (all because of a visit to Peake's House)

A mentioned earlier, our friend Jane stayed in Peake’s House, a wonderful old Landmark Trust property here in Colchester. This photo is Jane, Sub-Evil Boy and WeatherGirl as they walk towards Peake’s House (the half-timbered building on the left) in the evening.

We were so inspired by that great house, and the wonderful collection of properties being preserved (and made available) by the Landmark Trust that we promptly booked a stay in one during Sub-Evil Boy’s term break. So soon we’re off to Methwold Old Vicarage, which should be really fun. Between that and some looming deadlines, though, not much on-line time for a week or so. Just thought I’d warn you.

Back soon, though!

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No snow for Xmas, but we got a white Easter!

Colchester in the snow by WeatherGirl
We’ve dodged a fairly serious winter back in Minnesota while on sabbatical this year, and we’ve had no snow and very little cold weather over here in Colchester. In a fit of weird timing, however, we had something like an inch of big Bing Crosby stuff today. I’ve not actually be out of the house all day (trying to get ready for EuroGP), but WeatherGirl walked into town and back this morning, and took a ton of cool photos (including the one above, and lots of neat self-portraits).

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