Squeak book available under Creative Commons license

In a neat confluence of recent posts on both Squeak and book marketing, Squeak by example is being made available as a free PDF or in printed form via lulu.com. Cool.

Big ups to open… for the tip.

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No intarweb = teh suckage

The internet here at the University of Essex has been zooming between deceased and intermittent all morning, turning all these computers into environmentally unfriendly paperweights. Man, have I become an on-line junkie or what?

I was actually forced to spend the morning reading!

Reading things printed on paper!

Good thing I had printed off some papers I needed to review, or would have been completely adrift.

Now I get to find out if I can actually sneak this through one of the tiny windows of connectivity and get it out there in the world, a tiny digital distress signal in a little WordPress bottle.

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