Never forget who the true enemy is

Never forget who the true enemy is, from a href= Goose/a
Never forget who the true enemy is, from Abstruse Goose

Ray Comfort’s inanity over on U.S. News & World Report comes to mind:

We don’t find a half-evolved cow or bee. None of the 1.4 million species on the Earth has half an eye.

Such deliberate cluelessness and misrepresentation – it’s unfortunate the U.S. News & World Report will publish nonsense generated by someone who’s clearly only using half a brain.

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Nova’s Judgement day available on-line 16 Nov!

I was bummed that, being abroad, we’d missed Nova’s Judgement day.

But w00t!

It’ll be available on-line starting 16 Nov.

Looking forward to it :-).

(I feel like I should have converted this post to haiku or limerick form. Not today, however.)

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