US Dep’t of Energy digging sustainability at UMM

The U.S. Department of Energy posts video featuring the sustainability efforts at the University of Minnesota, Morris.

The U.S. Department of Energy is featuring a small set of six U.S. colleges and universities that they feel are doing cool things to help us move into a more sustainable future. The second video to be “aired”? The University of Minnesota, Morris :-)

Our computing folks are getting involved in this by building tools that will help provide community members with current (hopefully nearly real-time) information on both energy consumption and production. Down the road we’re hoping to give people some predictive assistance, suggesting possible times when discretionary high-load jobs would take best advantage of things like our wind turbines.

Most (all?) of the photos from Fashion Trashion (about two minutes in) were also taken by yours truly. Thanks to Jess for inviting me to take photos at these extremely cool events.

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Holy Crap! Over 5,000 views in one day!

A student shows off her work to the judges in the 2010 UMM Fashion Trashion show
A student shows off her work to the judges in the 2010 UMM Fashion Trashion show

Friday was the second annual Fashion Trashion show, where a number of UMM’s Studio Art students grace the runway modeling outfits they’ve constructed primarily from recycled, reclaimed, and re-used materials. Jess Larson was kind enough to ask me to take pictures again (I shot the first show last year).

I did indeed take a bunch of photos, and posted just over 600 of the least blurry of them on Flickr yesterday. This is no big deal – I do lots of events and post piles of photos like this all the time.

Except this time the view count just went totally through the roof. My events account typically gets a few hundred views a day, with small spikes when I post a new set. 1,000 views, though, would be a big day for that account.

I’ve had over 5,000 views today, the vast majority of which have been on the Fashion Trashion photos.

Graph showing the huge spike in views in the last day
A bit of a spike in views, eh?

I’m quite thoroughly gobsmacked, and not entirely sure where all the traffic is coming from. I’m thinking a lot of it is via Twitter, but it’s not really clear.

I suspect that the total lifetime views of my photographs pre-digital/Flickr might have been than 5,000, so to have 5,000 views of my work in one day is pretty amazing. I’m most grateful for the attention – thanks!

Flickr’s “day” just rolled over, and we peaked at 5,600 views for the 24 hour period. I’ve probably never seen anything close to that, and may never again. Crazy.

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