Almost ready for EuroGP!

EuroGP poster
We’ve ordered a couple of boxes of advance copies our book (a privilege of being the authors). They look really nice, and we’re quite excited about the grand unveiling on Wednesday at EuroGP! For those of you coming to Naples, definitely stop by our table at the poster session that night — you’ll be able to check out printed copies and maybe even score a postcard featuring that wonderful cover :-).

Whether you’re coming to EuroGP or not, we’ll be “turning on” the Lulu site Wednesday, so people can buy printed copies and download the PDF for free. As a teaser, the poster above contains the entire book — just really, really small! If you click on it you can see it a little bigger, but I still recommend waiting a few days for the Real Deal.

Thanks to Riccardo for using some of his major LaTeX mojo to create the mosaic of all the pages, and to Jess and WeatherGirl for their suggestions regarding the design.

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JOCP! At revision 400!

Revision 400 screenshot

It’s pretty cool when you update your repository and see

At revision 400

We just hit that on the genetic programming book that Riccardo and Bill and I are working on; we’re currently averaging close to 10 commits a day here in the final stages. We hope to wrap it up in the next 1.5 weeks and then off to the printers for fun (and no profit in the traditional sense)!

P.S. Anyone want to proof read a few pages? Get in touch and we can work something out.

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