Sneak peek at joint PRCA show with WeatherGrrrl

Panorama photographs of the joint PRCA show with WeatherGrrrl after we finished hanging the show yesterday.

WeatherGrrrl and I spent most of yesterday hanging our first ever joint show, and these panoramas capture the exhaustion and mess and art at the end of the day.

Panorama of joint PRCA show with WeatherGrrrl (1/2)
Panorama of joint PRCA show with WeatherGrrrl (1/2)

L to R (starting at the little wall):

  • Two "old" pieces, our bios, & price list. The top piece ("Beyond the rim") is a sculpture of Sue’s made from wood and human hair. The bottom piece is a photo of mine from the train tracks here in Morris.
  • "Askance" – a large profile of Sue.
  • "Thought full" – a very large shot of the back of Sue’s bald head leaning slightly forward.
  • (Turning the corner) "Emergence" (top) – 2 horizontal shots of *very* short hair growing back in. "Home" (bottom) – Her very freshly shaved head.
Panorama of joint PRCA show with WeatherGrrrl (2/2)
Panorama of joint PRCA show with WeatherGrrrl (2/2)

L to R:

  • A group of 3 all coming from Sue having me use henna to tattoo "No freedom without privacy" onto the back of her freshly shaved head. First is a close up of the dried henna, the strip in the middle shows her hair growing back through the tattoo and the tattoo fading over time, and the third is a B&W shot from when the henna was still wet.
  • Lastly, a diptych of two very large "pages" of 420 different photos of Sue taken over a 3 month period as her hair grew back.

The Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance (PRCA) asked us about possibly doing a show together this time last year, assuming (I think) that we’d just collect some of her sculptures and some of my photographs, and call it a show.

We both felt, however, that if we were going to do a show together, we wanted to do a show together, so we asked if we could wait a year and assemble some new, joint material in the meantime. The result was this collection of photographs (by me) of her head; in essence she laid the tableau through various treatments of her head as a sculptural object, I shot a metric crapton of photos, and then we sifted through them together and assembled this collection.

While it’s only 8 pieces, it uses over 500 separate photographs out of the nearly 10,000 we shot over the course of 2013 for this project. (We shot over 7,000 images from late February to early May alone!) We also chose to make some very large prints, with the 8 pieces covering nearly 100 square feet of wall. I really love printing large, but rarely can justify it, so it was quite wonderful seeing some of these big prints. :-) The original plan for the big diptych was to have a single piece, 6 feet tall by 8 feet wide, but we couldn’t find anyone that could do art quality photo printing that big, which is why we ended up dividing it into two “pages”.

For folks in the area, the show opens Wednesday, 13 Feb, and there’s a reception Sunday, 16 Feb, from 7-8:30pm.

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More cool art from WeatherGrrrl

A collection of photos of the pieces that WeatherGrrrl is submitting to this year’s UMM Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition.

My wonderful wife blogs even less often than me(!), but with good reason: She’s making some super cool art. Part of this weekend was spent taking photos of her work. She’s preparing her submissions to the UMM Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, and needed photos for the submissions.

3 photos of Sue's handmade book, "30 days of November"
30 days of November

A lot of her work these days is sculpture, but she is submitting one art book: “30 days of November”. The pages are all “tea sheets”, one from each day in November, 2008. For 2.5 years she’s been documenting every time she’s had a cuppa in a variety of ways, one of which is tipping out the leaves onto a 4×3 inch sheet of paper, which then leaves a stain. The “front” side of each page is the “stain” side, and she then embellished the backs in a number of different ways.

I’ve taken some other photos of the process (10.10am, The aftermath, and Pekoe), and it’s really cool to see a book made out of these. The “triptych” above is what she’s actually submitted for consideration. The shot below didn’t end up in the submission shot, but I liked the way the light worked so I posted it on Flickr anyway.

Photo of Sue's handmade book "30 days of November"
Archeology (Layers of time)
Photo of lost wax aluminum sculture
Solid as (h)air

The other pieces she’s submitting are all metal sculpture, three in aluminum, and one in bronze. One of the cool things about the one to the right is that the top part is made using hair. Sue’s been collecting her hair for quite a while, and she finds that it naturally balls up in interesting ways. Here she’s packed a ball of hair in damp sand and poured in molten aluminum to capture the texture.

The other aluminum pieces were made by carving polystyrene foam, which the molten aluminum replaces. The bronze piece at the bottom was made using a silica mold, and then treated in all kinds of crazy ways to get a patina she was happy with.

Photo of lost wax aluminum sculpture: "Mother and child"
Mother and child
Photo of lost wax aluminum sculpture: "Polar bear"
Polar bear
Photo of bronze sculpture: "Jousting"

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