Having a public Google Hangout on our radio show brought an odd crowd

Running a totally public Google Hangout during our KUMM show (Unhindered by Talent) today was certainly an odd experience. We had 32 people participate, although most for just a minute or two. The guests fell broadly into three categories:

  • UMM/KUMM alums
  • Bored kids & teenagers looking to chat
  • Young adults (mostly male) presumably looking for e-sex

A few folks from the second category stuck around for quite a while; they were presumably really bored. The folks from the third category mostly left quite promptly, which was nice.

I’m not sure how we’ll manage this in the future, but it certainly was odd and fun. Next week we may set things up so that the video is archived on YouTube, which would allow me to watch later through the eyes of guests, which might be interesting (or boring).

Thanks to everyone who listened and/or watched! See you next week :-)

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A little weirdness in today’s family radio programming

Today is the start of the 2nd Annual sUMMer Jazz Experience, which Sub-Evil Boy will be participating in. Registration is from noon to 2pm, with a little welcome address at 2 for the families before they abandon their offspring to the Demons of Jazz Music.

Those keeping track at home will note that noon-2pm interacts oddly with our family radio shows on KUMM on Sunday mornings (Sub-Evil from 10am-noon, WeatherGrrrl & I from noon-2pm). Sub-Evil’s show should survive largely intact, but our show may get cut off towards the end.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but even hip radio DJs sometimes have parenting responsibilities :-).

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