Twin Cities peeps: Interested in dinner or coffee?

Hot chocolate (in Naples, Italy)
Hot chocolate (in Naples, Italy)

I’ve been living and working in the Twin Cities as a summer intern for the super cool Kidblog folks (more on that later) and never got around to “officially” letting the world know. I’d hoped to catch up with some of the many friends, alum, etc., that live in this part of the world, and while some of that has happened, I now only have about 2.5 weeks left and realize how many connections I haven’t made. This is mostly because my job is cool and I really dig it (all of which is good), but I would like to connect with folks while I’m still here.

So, if you live in the area and would like to do coffee or dinner or something before I bug out, let me know! I probably respond best (at the moment) to e-mail (mcphee@morris.…) or Twitter (@NicMcPhee), but I’ll try to track my Facebook account as well.

Speaking of which, apologies to all my Facebook peeps. I really hate FB in a lot of ways and am happy to take any excuse to ignore it. The fun of work and other obligations meant I pretty much checked out of FB from late May until now, only to find that people’s lives have gone on without me! Wow. Thanks a ton for all the kind birthday wishes, etc., and sorry if you’ve been wondering why I’ve been ignoring you.

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