Looking for (text)book recommendations: OS, Networking, Sysadmin; Fuzzy logic; and Refactoring

Foundations of Genetic Programming by Langdon and Poli
Some deluded people believe that textbook orders for Fall Semester were due a month ago, but I’m never, ever close to on-time on these things, and am just now getting to it in a serious way. I’m teaching three courses in the fall:

  • Models of Computing Systems
  • Fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets
  • Refactoring

I’ve taught Refactoring several times and have a pretty good handle on that. Fuzzy Logic I’ve taught once before and am pretty comfortable with. The Systems course, however, is one I’ve never taught before and am still struggling with on a number of levels, including the textbook.

Any suggestions and ideas on any of these would most certainly be appreciated. I’ll say a little more about each course below the fold for those who want all the gory details.

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