Further evidence of WeatherGrrrl’s wonderment :-)

A “larger scale” tea-stain piece by WeatherGrrrl featured in the catalog book from the Colorado Mesa University 4×6/6×4 Postcard exhibit catalogue.

Scan of one of WeatherGrrrl's tea stain pieces featured in the Colorado Mesa University 4x6/6x4 Postcard Exhibit
One of WeatherGrrrl’s tea stain pieces featured in the Colorado Mesa University 4×6/6×4 Postcard Exhibit

My amazing wife and son both continue to produce fine and mighty work, and occasionally the world recognizes it’s splendiferous brilliance :-)

WeatherGrrrl has been heavily submitting her work to shows in the last year or so, and while she’s had good luck at places like WARM, her lot (like that of most artists) has been that of the rejection letter.

One happy bit of news this week, though, was the use of four of her pieces in the catalog for the Colorado Mesa University 4×6/6×4 Poscard Exhibit. It’s not a juried show (we think they accepted everything they were sent), but in the nice catalog book (available on Blurb) they featured the piece above in one of the “larger” images, which was a nice treat. (Her pieces are on pages 15 and 17 of the book in preview mode.)

You might also check out WeatherGrrrl’s post on this for more info.

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More cool art from WeatherGrrrl

A collection of photos of the pieces that WeatherGrrrl is submitting to this year’s UMM Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition.

My wonderful wife blogs even less often than me(!), but with good reason: She’s making some super cool art. Part of this weekend was spent taking photos of her work. She’s preparing her submissions to the UMM Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, and needed photos for the submissions.

3 photos of Sue's handmade book, "30 days of November"
30 days of November

A lot of her work these days is sculpture, but she is submitting one art book: “30 days of November”. The pages are all “tea sheets”, one from each day in November, 2008. For 2.5 years she’s been documenting every time she’s had a cuppa in a variety of ways, one of which is tipping out the leaves onto a 4×3 inch sheet of paper, which then leaves a stain. The “front” side of each page is the “stain” side, and she then embellished the backs in a number of different ways.

I’ve taken some other photos of the process (10.10am, The aftermath, and Pekoe), and it’s really cool to see a book made out of these. The “triptych” above is what she’s actually submitted for consideration. The shot below didn’t end up in the submission shot, but I liked the way the light worked so I posted it on Flickr anyway.

Photo of Sue's handmade book "30 days of November"
Archeology (Layers of time)
Photo of lost wax aluminum sculture
Solid as (h)air

The other pieces she’s submitting are all metal sculpture, three in aluminum, and one in bronze. One of the cool things about the one to the right is that the top part is made using hair. Sue’s been collecting her hair for quite a while, and she finds that it naturally balls up in interesting ways. Here she’s packed a ball of hair in damp sand and poured in molten aluminum to capture the texture.

The other aluminum pieces were made by carving polystyrene foam, which the molten aluminum replaces. The bronze piece at the bottom was made using a silica mold, and then treated in all kinds of crazy ways to get a patina she was happy with.

Photo of lost wax aluminum sculpture: "Mother and child"
Mother and child
Photo of lost wax aluminum sculpture: "Polar bear"
Polar bear
Photo of bronze sculpture: "Jousting"

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