Upgraded to WP 2.5.1

I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.5.1.

You must protect yourself from those evil marketing rays
Just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.5.1, and the dashboard is quite different. Not sure yet whether it’s better or worse, but definitely different. I like some of the nifty Ajax stuff that’s been added in the last few updates – these (good) web apps just get spiffier and spiffier!

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Hey-dee-ho! Spiffy new version of WordPress all around

All in support of a good cause

I just finished a long overdue upgrade of all the UnhinderedByTalent.com WordPress installs, so everyone’s all spiffy and shiny now.

The photo (from the Green Fair where we met the River Nene folks) is just there to fool you into believing this post actually had content :-).

Someone asked over on Flickr if I knew who this was. I didn’t have a clue who he was until the question prompted me to do my homework. You’re looking at Bob Breeks, the guitarist and singer for The Bad Terrorists, a band here in Colchester. They were played with (I’m assuming) reduced amplification at the fair, so you really couldn’t hear the vocals for crap, but the playing was quite fun.

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