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In an effort to ensure that people don’t actually think I have something meaningful to say here, I thought I’d share three pieces of complete silliness brought to my attention by Sub-Evil Boy. So, because I know that you don’t have any real work to do (I know that I don’t) you might want to check out these three little videos (all discovered by Sub-Evil via JibJab):

  • Big Box MartJibJab‘s highly amusing look at America’s favorite retailer.
  • The end of the world” This one is dead funny (ho, ho, ho) and features a fair amount of “strong language”, leading to one of those “This is damn funny, but should our son actually being finding this stuff?” moments. Parenting is oh-so-interesting as we head into adolescence… :-) It’s interesting that the web site folks don’t actually know who made this, but liked it so much that they made a web site for it.
  • Looking for my leopard
    Still from Looking for my leopard
    Those crazy folks at rathergood.com make some pretty goofy low-tech videos to accompany pretty goofy songs by a band by the name of “7 Seconds of Love.” Sub-Evil and I are contemplating singing this particular ditty at the next CAC Open Mic Night on campus, as the students tend to love this kind of silly stuff. “Soupy George” is also quite a load of fun.

Now get back to work!

Currently listening to: “Dreams from the wounded mouth” by the Degenerate Art Ensemble’s new album The bastress. Fun stuff, this!

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Gotta see the polka dude discover zydeco

Promo still from \'Schultze gets the blues\'
This week Ebert choose “Schultze gets the blues” as his video pick of the week. I’d never heard of the film before, but now I’ve just got to see it. A German polka accordionist who discovers a love for zydeco late in life through a chance snippet on the radio? And travels from Germany to the bayou to check it out?!?

This is so cool it makes me all incoherently happy. It comes out Tuesday on DVD and I’m already arranging to get a copy to watch with my FYS students.

Rock, rock on!

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