I’m sure we’ll suck at this (but we’ll have fun!)

Le Tour at 0.9 c
Creative Commons License photo credit: Leucippus

Cory Q of Monkey River Town suckered WeatherGirl and I into forming a fantasy team for the Tour de France. We’ve never done something like this before, and had to do it in a hurry, so I’m guessing that we will not be stellar performers :-). Still, it was a lot of fun sifting through the participants putting our team together, and will make it even more interesting to watch the stages. Now we’ll actually care who comes in 11th in a sprint!

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Wishing Jenny well

Friends in art

Our friend Jenny Nellis had a really nasty fall recently, and Jess Larson suggested we send her a happy photo or two. I thought a few shots of WeatherGirl and Jess when we were at the Tate Modern might help :-).

The photo above is the two of them being silly and fun with their hard sweets. The one below is WeatherGirl (on the right) photographing her bare foot with Shibboleth by Doris Salcedo, while Jess is photographing WeatherGirl. We had way too much fun with Shibboleth, which is a wonderfully experiential piece of sculpture, and took a gazillion photos. As you can see, WeatherGirl even took her shoes off in the name of art :-).

Art (at many layers)

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