Upgraded to WP 2.5.1

I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.5.1.

You must protect yourself from those evil marketing rays
Just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.5.1, and the dashboard is quite different. Not sure yet whether it’s better or worse, but definitely different. I like some of the nifty Ajax stuff that’s been added in the last few updates – these (good) web apps just get spiffier and spiffier!

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Damn – scheduled entries are broken

Broken promises

Our recent upgrade of WordPress has brought with it many bits of nifty goodness. The one (and so far only) downside is that scheduled entries are broken. I can schedule them fine, but they never show up. The “count down” just goes right on by and then starts counting back up. Foo.

Some poking around in the forums suggests that the problem isn’t unknown, but is rare, and the little bits of discussion frankly didn’t make much sense. So, for the moment, I ain’t gonna bother.

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