Cold Blood

This is a really cool serial on the BBC’s Radio 7 written by Simon Bovey (sp?) . With flavours of both The Thing and The X Files it is proving very creepy and quite addictive. I’ve listened to 3 of 5 parts so far and am relishing finding out how it all ends. Unfortunately I’m listening to it on their Listen Again feature and parts 1 and 2 have already cycled off the page so I can’t hook you up. I’m sure it’ll show up again so it might be worth keeping an eye on their site.

BBC Radio 7 can be found here. There are lots of great dramas, mysteries, Sci Fi, etc.

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3 Responses to Cold Blood

  1. Brotzie says:

    Hey Weathergirl
    Great story, isn’t it? Can get to all episodes on the Listen Again at – try accessing via no-frames player at
    Kindest, brotzie

  2. WeatherGirl says:

    Many thanks for the heads up. I’ve posted again here

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