We’re back on the air – Yee-ha!

With the new semester we are back on air with live shows on KUMM 89.7 FM and not just the loop. Our show, Unhindered by Talent, naturally, is Sundays from 2pm till 4pm. (That’s Central Standard Time, we’re 6 hours behind the UK.) Our show is pretty eclectic, given the range of our tastes, so you never know what might be broadcast. Phi has our playlists up somewhere, perhaps he’ll post the link here so you can check them out for yourselves. For many years our signal merely reached the cows in Cyrus but now you can listen on-line. One day, when the FCC pulls its finger out, the Tower Project will happen and the cows in Starbuck will join the audience. Go here to get the skinney.

Current temperature 23F/-5C (windchill 8F/-13C)

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  1. Phi says:

    Head here for our old playlists in an annoying text format. It may ask you to log in (we’re making some changes in the wiki software), but if you click cancel (you may have to do it twice) then I think you’ll get to the page. Patience, patience…

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