Bookmaking Class at the PRCA

Lori and I taught a bookmaking class at the PRCA. Both of us have a lot of experience in making books but we’ve never tried to teach anyone else how to do this.

We chose to make a simple accordion book because it’s a very versatile format and a project we could work through in one three hour session. We met for a full three hour session before the class so we could practice constructing the book we were going to teach. That way we would know we could do it, we would know what to say and we would say the same thing.

On the big day we had 6 students, all at different levels of ability and experience in handling materials. By the end of the day we had 7 completed books (Lori and I made one as we demonstrated each technique) and 6 pretty tired but happy students.

It was a great experience for me and I hope for all who participated. Lori and I hope to teach more classes. There are many book types that can be taught in a single session but the more intricate and interesting book challenges need multiple sessions and consequently need more of a time investment from the students and cost more.

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