The Odyssey

I’ve been getting a huge Homer fix recently.

The Junior High production of The Odyssey was quite an achievment. The cast really worked hard to bring this story to life and some of the kids are already showing much talent and perception. All but three of the cast were female and this led to some interesting takes on the many male characters they played. Cool set design and a great adaptation by Jeremy Hanson.

BBC7 broadcast a series of three 90 minute plays that told the story of Troy. From the circumstances of the birth of Paris until the aftermath of the fall of Troy these productions were absolutely brilliant. The scripts were beautifully constructed and the voices utilised drew amazing pictures. I was spellbound.

Brad Pitt’s Troy released on dvd. Pure trash and a serious case of story abuse but I must say the one on one Achilles fight scenes were incredible and definitely worth the price of admission. Nice to see Sean Bean (Odysseus) play a good guy in a big budget movie for once.

Must say this gave me a yen to actually go read Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey.

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