Once Upon A Time …

… those who love the grand tours thought their fairy godmother had come in the shape of OLN. There was wall to wall coverage of the Giro, the Tour and the Vuelta. We were in seventh heaven. I fell in love the Vuelta, not so flashy as the Tour but much more likely to go down to the wire.

Then, after the 2004 Tour, it all went south. OLN dumped the the 2004 Vuelta and is currently covering only the weekend stages of the 2005 Giro. Their behaviour is bizarre. With the success of Lance Armstrong, and the depth of their coverage, they had built up a really hardcore following. The potential audience was huge. All it needed was nuturing and instead they blow the whole thing out of the water.

To my rescue has come the web site cyclingfans.com Here you can find all the differnet ways it is possible to follow the Giro. So now I’m listening to the live audio feed of the Eurosport tv channel and reading the ticker at cyclingnews.com. Then later in the day I can watch the web feed of Itallian tv coverage of the day’s stage. (I can’t use the OLN web feed of live pictures as I’m a Mac user.)

No Paul, Phil or Bob fix until the weekend.

What ever happened to pleasing the customer?

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