Tour de France is on!

Yes, I’m a little behind on my posts, so we’ve had nine stages of the Tour and I haven’t commented.

Actually, we haven’t finished watching Stage 9, there’s just been too much going on this weekend to keep up. Thankfully Monday is a rest day so we can finish the stage. (Once again Tivo comes to our aid!) Hopefully we can avoid any news reports on the results so we can watch unspoiled.

It has certainly been an interesting Tour so far. Armstrong catches Ullrich in the time trial, CSC almost beats Discovery in the team time trial, the peloton races at breakneck speeds (one suspects some riders will implode eventually), and the green, polkadot and yellow jerseys look like they are all up for grabs.

OLN’s coverage has been much better than their miserable Giro coverage but it sure sounds like Paul and Phil are doing commentary for two different media outlets, only occassionally coming together for their much loved witty banter. Is OLN not paying them properly for their services perhaps?

Love all those Bob Roll ads. You should definitely surf over to for a quick looksee at him in all his glory. Go Bob!!!!!

Current temperature 73F/23C

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