Tour de France 2005

Another epic three weeks has come to an end and Lance Armstrong has won an incredible seventh consecutive Tour. Since they entered the Alps it’s been one nail biting thrilling stage after another.

As usual the Green jersey wasn’t decided until the final stage, cool to see Hushovd win. A shame they had to stop the timing due to the wet weather. Watching the Vinokourov/Leipheimer showdown would have been quite something.

My favourite ads this year have been the Trek Lucky 7 Scatch and Win, seeing poor old Bob get more and more desperate as he failed to win anything while Paul and Phil reel the prizes in has been quite a hoot.

Most annoying aspect of the Tour reporting – all the American reporters who keep describing Armstrong as the greatest cyclist ever. HE ISN’T! He’s a Tour de France specialist. Even Armstrong wouldn’t make this claim for himself. Eddy Merckx is the one cyclist who might be worthy of that title.

Main worry for next year’s cycling season – that OLN will treat the Tour as they are now treating the Vuelta, like total crap.

Current temperature 61F/16C

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