Technical lackey claims success

Well the technical crew that slaves away keeping WeatherGirl’s Station in fine fettle, has installed a plug-in that should make life in this tiny corner of the blogsphere a little bit easier.

Comments now feature SecureImage, a CAPTCHA program that helps differentiate between humans and bots. Thanksgiving proved a thankless time for dealing with Station comment spam. My oh my were the spammers busy. My in-box was groaning under the barrage of ringtones, tamiflu, and poker ads. The technical crew got a whiney earful, which proved just the right amount of incentive to do the buggers in.

For now I’ll be leaving moderation on but if Station spam is curtailed I might be tempted to let comments go live immediately. Time will tell. Grateful thanks go to the Station’s technical lackey.

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One Response to Technical lackey claims success

  1. Phi says:

    Well, I’m not sure I’d ever claim “success” when dealing with problems at the intersection of the social and the technical, but it does seem to be a big step in the right direction. Anything that helps “do the buggers in” is just mighty fine by me, as spammers are among the most evil parasites on the wonders that could be the IntarWeb.

    Your lackey says “You’re welcome” :-).

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