Girls and their toys!

Why should the boys have all the fun? Phi just acquired a digital SLR and is now ‘borrowing’ my Canon lens to test drive his new camera before committing to a particular lens.

Having got a little fed up with having to lug around my Canon EOS with it’s zoom lens if I wanted to take pictures I’ve invested in an itsy bitsy tiny weeny digital camera, that weighs barely anything, and fits neatly into my bag with all my other stuff. A Panasonic DMC-FX9 to be exact and boy is it tiny! Scarily so. I had intended to buy a FX8, but since the FX9 was out and still sounded good in the online reviews I found, I went for the newer model. Here’s a photo from my first test drive. (Autoflash was on and there’s been no tweaking of the image.)

Peony by front door

There were a couple of reasons for my choice that mostly came from watching Nic with his Canon Powershot A80.

  • The view finder was a waste of time and you might as well devote as much real estate as you could to the LCD screen.
  • It needed to be fast, no siginificant pause between pressing the buton and the photo being taken.
  • It needed software that’d handle camera shake effectively.

It looks like the Panasonic handles these with aplomb.

Now I can embark on an epic adventure, where I learn all there is to know about how to use this amazing little gadget to it’s full potential.

And did I mention how fricking small it is?

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