It brings back fond memories

When I was a kid, Saturday tea times would be spent hiding behind the couch in terror. A good kind of terror I hasten to add. All sorts of monsters would be loose in my imagination while watching a certain tv show. The daleks along with the Master were particularly scary to me. The show sadly became known for it’s ropey sets and less that stella special effects but it had heart, interesting ideas and great characters.

I’m talking about Dr Who which has returned to the airwaves after a break of some years. We saw much of the first new series whilst visiting the UK last summer and have finally seen the episodes we missed on the Sci Fi channel these last few weeks. It’s been a lot of fun and brought back some great memories. Even the daleks are back which is a big plus in my book. Christopher Ecclestone has been a great Dr and it’s sad to see him quit after just one series. Not sure what I think of David Tennant as the Doctor but we’ll see when the next season starts.

One of the the great pluses of the show has been the character of Captain Jack and the whole attitude to sexual orientation. Captain Jack flirts with everyone regardless of gender. Initially he’s a bit of a wheeler dealer out for what he can get and he uses his charm on everyone. There’s lots of witty repartee with both Rose and the Doctor.

Then there was the final episode. Jack is saying goodbye, to his two friends, as he expects to die in the coming fight. He gives Rose a big smack of a kiss on the lips and then does the same to the Dr. Nobody bats an eye, or reacts in anyway that suggests this is strange. Congratulations go to Russell T. Davies for the relaxed attitude to orientation. It’s about time we saw characters like this on tv.

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