World Cup Update

England managed to beat Trinada and Tobago 2-nil today (or should that be yesterday?) and made it through to the next round. Not the greatest finishing, despite the score, but they certain had more of the possession and made a lot more chances.

As for the ESPN coverage, on the plus side, we got to hear the national anthems this time. On the downside, can we get rid of these commentators? It was painful listening to them prattle on and keep changing their minds about what was going on. England had most of the possession. The first time Trinadad had a shot on goal, the commentator mused that they were clearly the stronger team. The contrariness was really irritating. Also what is it with the continual putting down of David Beckham? Every chance they can they talk about how he’s clearly not the best player in the world, or quote some football official put him down and so on.

Let’s hope for improvement because it’s going to be a very long month otherwise.

Curent temperature 73F/23C

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