A Tale of Two Halves

Yes, I know it’s a cliche but it was true. In the first half England just rocked, they actually played like a world class football team. Hope was my middle name. Then we had the travesty of the second half. What was that all about? Lets hope Sven docks them half their pay for the match.

In other strangeness, what is it with the Dutch strip? Those numbers look like a 1970s rehash. (Must say the numbers on the English second strip looked pretty freaky also.)

Let us all give thanks for TiVo. We watched both games in Group E today (Brasil vs Japan, Croatia vs Australia) thanks to this ingenious gadget. We’d swap back and forth as the games progressed and it was most wonderous. Very exciting games I must say.

Commiserations to all our Yankie friends but quite frankly the US team sucked even worse than England so their eviction from the tournament was not a surprise.

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