Al Franken rides into town

Last night the three of us went to see a possible 2008 US Senate candidate from the state of Minnesota. Al Franken spoke at the Stevens County DFL fundraiser. He was impressive enough that I’d consider putting up a sign for him on our lawn if he decided to run. (The only person we’ve ever had a sign for was Paul Wellstone.)

Enjoyed Al’s speach, he touched on a number of issues that I consider very important and appeared to be talking a lot of sense. Let’s hope the handlers don’t get their hands on him and soften his edges. The edges are important. The Christian Right are cutting a swathe through the US and need to be opposed with steely determination.

A big yay to those who organised the food. Usually when we attend local events with food (welcome picnics, customer appreciation events etc.) there’s nothing I can eat which doesn’t make me feel welcome or appreciated. The DFL had a vegan burger and vegetarian beans on offer for those of us who couldn’t partake in pig.

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