Wireless hiccup

So the guys had a freak out moment this a.m. when they couldn’t access the internet. They both headed off for their days and left me to handle the technology. To the good, the internet is still there (aren’t you glad?) and currently I’m plugged straight into the DSL modem through an ethernet cable. On the downside, we have no wireless, which will be a little awkward when the young’un gets home from school and wants to IM the universe.

Poor old techie-research-fellow will have to battle the aged airport gremlins when he gets home from his little excursion to visit a UMM grad in London at the British Museum. The story of our lives – cross the pond and meet alums!

We put up another podcast on our adventures and you can check it out on Phi’s blog.

Current temperature: here 18C/64F, there 70F/21C

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