A little wander over yonder

So I had a little amble up the East Hill looking for a doctor’s surgery on Friday. Took a few pictures along the way and will include some here. (You can check out my flickr account for more.) I found three different practices and just chose one at random to register with. There’s some paperwork to fill out first but nothing too taxing, mostly it’s so they can find our records.

East Hill (P1010945)

East Gate Sign (P1010952)

I loved the mixture of ages and colours of the buildings as I headed up the hill.

This plaque brought a smile to my face. So we’re commemorating the fact that a gate fell down and the debris was removed at a later date?

At the top of the hill I found the local cathedral, art gallery and the main public park with a castle and a number of museums and ruins. Much to see on future days out ambling around town.

Restaurant Window 3 (P1010962)

I took a number of photos in this window. To quote my notes on flickr:

There were so many elements that I loved with these images. The definition of the numbers was what initially drew me to this window The combination of curves and straights are incredibly pleasing. Then there’s the framing of the view through the window and into the restaurant. The tables, set and ready for the next meal hold a certain anticipation. Next there’s the reflection of the outside world. Of the passage of time as people and vehicles pass by. There’s the confusion of seeing the buildings across the street and their signage recorded backwards obscuring its meaning. Finally there’s me and my camera capturing the scene.

While in town did a little shopping, acquiring an alarm clock and a German dictionary for the young’un before heading home taking a number of photos of the pavement along the way which proved rather fascinating. I’m just including a couple of samples here. The egg was such a surprise to see on the ground still in fairly good shape.

Egg Shell (P1020002)

Woodrow closeup (P1010979)

Cigarette butts are still everywhere over here. The ban on smoking in public places only just went into effect in England (the last place in the UK to implement such legislation) so it’ll be a while before things clean up. I look forward to it after having lived in MN with such laws for so long it’s only when you return to a world of smoker’s that you really appreciate just how dirty the habit is.

Current temperature: here 15C/59F, there 63F/17C

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