Threw my first pot yesterday

Well, I didn’t exactly throw a pot but I did actually fashion my very first piece of pottery at the grand old age of 44! Our teacher began by introducing us to a pinch pot. We started by rolling up a ball of clay and sticking a thumb in it to make the bowl, manipulating the clay until it was the same width all the way around. We got to have a couple of practice shots before we made a piece that will actually be fired. Even though we were making a very simple pot you quickly became aware of all those little details that need attention to make something beautiful rather than adequate. Clearly, practice, practice, practice, is the order of the day. I suspect I will end up with a piece that only a mother could love!

The one rather odd aspect of this pinch potting was I realised that I made it left handedly, which, for a generally right handed person, is definitely strange. (There are a number of things I do naturally left handed but nothing so major.)

Current temperature: here 9c/48F, there 43F/6C

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