A second pot …

… is in the making. Yesterday we began work on a coil pot. Insert hysterical giggling at the thought of my effort! Yeah, it’s not going well in terms of making a good looking pot but I’m having a great time and I got to get my hands dirty. We made slurry and I loved that. So far I’ve kept pretty clean but I don’t expect that to last. We’re an odd mixture of people in the class. We have a couple of ladies who chat constantly. I knew more about their personally lives in the first five minutes than they will know about me after the five weeks are up. Huge amounts of TMI. There is another class member who talks even less than I do so I’m not the quietest. We do have one gentleman and he seems to be holding his own under the onslaught. At least four people are awol and who knows if they’re going to show up. Which is so silly ‘cos they’ve paid for the course. I tried to sign up for the next part of the sequence but that’s full already though I am first on the waiting list. Keep your fingers crossed.

Current temperature: here 15C/59C, there 66F/19C

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