Sobworthy. Definitely a multiple hankie movie this one. I spent about the last third or so trying not to completely lose it and ball my eyes out. Thought I better read the book it’s based on and signed up for the reserve list at the library. They have lots of copies all over the Essex system. The only problem is everyone else in the universe wants to read it too. When I first added my request I was 52nd in line. Last time I checked I was 48th. We will probably leave town before I get my hands on it.

Back to the movie. Ever since I saw James McAvoy in Children of Dune I knew we were going to see more of him and these days he’s everywhere. He was very good here, completely believable. Kira was, well Kira-like. I’m undecided on her talent as an actress but she certainly looked right for the part. One of the things I struggled with with this movie was my own expectations and the fact that they didn’t jive with what I was seeing. The advertising had led me to expect one thing and I didn’t really get what I expected. I’d like to watch it again so I can enjoy the wallow in all that emotion.

Current temperature: here 16C/61F, there 63F/17C

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