The state of pottery

We’ve finished our coil pots. Yay us! My coils were much better second time around, so the top of the pot is much prettier than the bottom. We also made lids for our pots. Once I attached a handle to mine the group’s consensus was my pot struck more than a passing resemblance to a strawberry. When viewed from a distance the pot doesn’t look too bad. Then we glazed our pinch pots which was great fun. I dipped mine in two different colours, white inside and a shade of green on the outside. Next time we’ll have the chance to paint some more glaze on to touch up the finish.

I’ve also learnt that the follow up pottery class which had been over subscribed now has some open slots for those of us on the waiting list. I heard that a number of people had to drop the class due to its changing day. Once the current the five weeks are done, I get 15 more. Yay!

Current temperature: here 5C/41F, there 54F/12C

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