You must buy this dvd!

It’s called, North and South, not the novel/tv show about the US Civil War but a four part BBC production of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel. It is an almost perfect production with great writing, direction and a pitch perfect cast. It has a number of similarities to the Pride and Prejudice production staring Colin Firth which I adore but this is even better. Yes there are a few convenient events that make the story work but I must confess they are most satisfying. Every time I watch the end of episode two, even though I know what’s coming, it just tears me up inside.

Go, buy, make yourself happy!

To buy or find viewer reviews and a more detailed description of the production, check it out here or here

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  1. Phi says:

    I must agree – it’s a really excellent production. I’m not always a big fan of victorian costume dramas, so I wasn’t entirely convinced going in, but the storing and the performances are quite compelling. Wonderful stuff!

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