What a spectacular production! The experience was surprisingly cinematic. The combination of visuals, soundtrack and on stage costume changes gave the whole production an epic sweep. The cast made the text completely accessible and there was never any point at which it dragged or was incomprehensible. The fight scenes were frighteningly violent and the actors conveyed the idea that they could actually wield real weapons and defend themselves well. There were only ten actors in the cast so everyone but the lead played multiple parts which I rather enjoyed as you had the opportunity to see different aspects of each of them.

With an all male cast I wasn’t sure what to expect with the female roles but they were played seamlessly. Nigel Gore as Volumnia (Coriolanus’ mum) was the stand out. The power and emotional depth he brought to the part was incredible.

A number of memorable moments

    Coriolanus is seen alive for the first time after the ferocious battle, mainly back lit, in a door way that reached the full height of the stage and covered in blood. This gave me goose bumps.

    Cominius trying to persuade the proletariat that they should accept Coriolanus as consul. He does what Coriolanus has baulked at. Hugely powerful.

    Aufidius and Coriolanus’s reconciliation played in such a homoeroticly charged way that you completely buy them turning from enemies to allies.

Wow, this was just mind blowingly good. Can’t wait for Julius Caesar.

Current temperature: here 8C/46F, there 34F/1C

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