Miami Vice, The Movie!

Diverting. So we didn’t see this on its initial release for some reason so I rented the dvd to see if Michael Mann had captured some of the spirit of the original and to see how Foxx and Farrell measured up.

I had enjoyed watching the original tv series when it first aired. My parents thought I was only just old enough to watch it so it was quite something for that to happen given how adult the material was. On rewatching recently, with a more critical and experienced eye, it certain was a show where style won out over substance though I found the Sonny becomes his alter ego story line held up well. I’m just a junkie for all that angst.

So the movie provides quite a big bang for your buck and I loved the style of the piece and the set pieces. I didn’t feel very emotionally engaged but it certainly was not wasted time looking at the pretty.

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