Pottery Update

We are now two weeks in to our fifteen week pottery class. There are at least three times as many students and a different teacher so the whole dynamic has changed. I’m really glad I took the short class though because I think I gained enough insight and technical expertise from our original teacher so that I feel like I know what I’m doing. The new teacher is a lot more loosey goosey and go with the flow which is not the greatest way to pick up good technique but we are already making more pots and having the opportunity to be more expressive. Together the two of them could team teach a stupendous class!

The first week I made three pinch pots. One I turned into wide mouthed bowl, which is okay looking but nothing to write home about. The other two I joined together, which had me a little suspicious at first. It wasn’t clear if I could make anything the slightest bit interesting but as it has evolved this ‘pot’ has taken on a life of its own. It sort of has the feel of an Easter Island standing stone though I’ve cut holes in mine which freakily look like eyes. I’ve begun making marks in the surface that add to its strangeness. I suspect I’ll be using oxides rather that glaze for the finish but we’ll have to see how the burnishing goes.

Current temperature: here 7C/45F, there 43F/6C

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