Julius Caesar

Better late than never, eh? This production was fantastic. The all female cast was impressive and made a very interesting juxtaposition with the all male casting of Coriolanus. Interestingly, if anything, what I discovered was that the first third of the play, as written by Monsieur Shakespeare, was weaker than the second two thirds. The beginning involved much standing around speaking. Not the most riveting of set ups. When the action finally got going, however, holy molely, was it something else.

Much thought had been clearly given to every element of this production and they all worked together to set the scene and enhance the action. The basic set from Coriolanus was reused with some modification in decoration and the removal of certain structures. Costuming was excellent and differentiated male and female roles as well as allegiances. Drumming was used as an integral part of the soundscape. In fact, the whole music/sound design was incredibly well thought out and produced. All the different elements came together as a united whole to tell the story and by the end left you with a significant emotional wallop.

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