Mo Movie Measure

I just came across the Mo Movie Measure. Sadly, almost everything I’ve seen recently fails by a huge margin. Most of the half way decent movies just lately seem to be about individual men psychologically disintegrating with nary a woman in sight. *sigh*

How hard would it be for a screenwriter to write an interesting story about an interesting woman? There are plenty of interesting women in the world. Perhaps the screenwriters aren’t up to the job?

To summarise: to be worth watching, a movie should have:

1. at least two women in it
2. who talk to each other
3. about something besides a man

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  1. Phi says:

    What a wonderfully simple set of criteria (and a cool strip). Reminds me of “Burn Hollywood Burn” from P.E.’s excellent Fear of a black planet, with some generous substitutions :-).

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