Travelled to Toledo, Spain

We spent last night in Birmingham, UK so as to make this moring a little easier. We had to be at the airport by 8am so it was definitely worth driving down yesterday. The plane ride was uneventful though we did seem to be surrounded by hen and stag parties. The ladies were in pink which wasn’t too bad but the guys wore the most gadawful insulting shirts. (Time to avert ones eyes and pretend you can’t see them.)

We had allowed plenty of time to cross Madrid on the underground which proved wise. The trek from Terminal one arrivals to the tube station was epic. We then took three different underground lines to reach the appropriate railway station. Every thing was well labelled and since much of it was constructed in more modern times walking with luggage was not as problematic as the tube.

We had a couple of hours to wait before our train left Madrid so we found a restaurant and had a little late lunch. We started out on the street but it began to rain which drove us inside with all the smokers. Boy do the Spanish smoke like chimneys. I haven’t seen so many people lighting up in a long time.

The train from Madrid to Toledo was only half an hour and very comfortable. I had a nice nap. The Toledo railway station is beautiful. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to take photos before we leave.

Our hotel is right in the centre of the old city about a minute from the cathedral. We wandered a little checking out where things were, like a grocery and bank etc. We had a great leisurely dinner sat outside on a side street. As we dined the Corpus Christi procession came by which was quite something.

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3 Responses to Travelled to Toledo, Spain

  1. Jane B says:

    You have left the country! And I fail at the internet, or at email anyway. I received the book okay, and will attend to other things when allotmania fades.

    Meanwhile I look forward to reading your travel posts.

  2. WeatherGirl says:

    Go allotmania, veggies rule!

    I’m cavorting abroad for the next few weeks so there’s no rush on all that stuff I dropped in your lap.

    We’re off to another Landmark property when we get back, Castle of Park, which looks way cool. We’ll let you know how it goes. Methwold Old Vicarage was well worth a visit too if you’re ever headed in that direction.

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