Countdown to departure from Toledo

A quick run down on what we’ve been seeing these last few days.

Santa Ursula. A tiny church, just around the corner from our hotel, with a rather beautiful interior and a view through glass into the convent.

Sinagoga de Transito/Museo Sefardi. As with so many buildings in town the synagogue had elements from all three Abrahamic religions. We rented the audiotour here and it was fascinating, well worth the three Euros. I noted a number of ideas for art books to make based on items in the museum.

Meson La Orza had the best food we’ve eaten all week. A relaxing lunch with the most delicious dishes. I had duck, not a meat known for its tenderness but it was soooooo good. Beautiful too! The service was great and I would definitely recommend it. Obviously a little more expensive than else where but well worth it.

Centro Cultural San Marcos. Here we learnt more of the history of Toledo. Lucky for us English is the second language in these parts and we were handed a booklet with a translation of all the displays in the exhibit. A very literal translation, which meant some of the language might be described as a little on the florid side? It probably spoke to the Spanish soul but took me a few minutes to see passed the style of the language and get to the heart of the matter which turned out to be immensely interesting. The exhibit brought together elements we’d come across in other venues and demonstrated how they intertwined in a very complex pattern.

Museo de los Concilios y la Cultura Visigoda. We were stunned by the beauty of the paintings on the walls of this church. Sadly we could neither take photos, which we itched to do, nor were there images to be bought. *very very disappointed* We just sat and stared.

Santo Domingo El Antiguo. An amazing mishmash of items and styles ranging from the stunningly beautiful/interesting (a hand painted cabinet archive) to complete shlock. It was a little disconcerting.

Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz. The one mosque left in town. Currently under archeological examination and renovation. Again we did an audiotour, definitely a big win! More local legends and much blending of cultures in the physical space. The use of different styles of arches was very interesting.

While in town we’ve been staying at Hotel Eurico which we highly recommend. The staff have been wonderful and the facilities have proved great. Plus we’re just a few steps away from the Cathedral which can’t be bad.

Current temperature: Toledo 23C/72F, mum’s place 14C/57F, our place 61F/16C

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