Last day in Toledo, then on to Granada

Saturday morning the main square In Toledo was filled with high end sports cars. We’re not sure why they were there but it looked really cool seeing rows and rows of red Ferraris among others.

We rode the Zocotren again and had a number of happy accidents. Our ‘carriage’ of the train was mainly filled with students from the Dominican Republic who were definitely having a very good time! As we skirted the city we got to see the sports cars again only this time they roared down the hill in front of us in convoy. As a consequence of the traffic jam caused by the sports cars the Zocotren stopped for a while on the road enabling us to take cool panoramic pictures of Toledo.

After lunch we returned to the to the Museo de Santa Cruz and saw the exhibit Rojas: cinco estaciones which had just opened. It was quite stunning and there was a lot of work I really enjoyed having the opportunity to see. The exhibition space worked really well and was big enough to hold the work, most of which was on a larger scale.

We left town at 5.30pm on a train to Madrid and from there on to Granada. We reached our hotel in Granada by midnight and collapsed into bed. We slept for a very long time!

Current temperature: Granada 19C/66F, mum’s place 17C/63F, our place 66F/19C

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