Steger Moosehide Mukluks

I like to wear shoes because, well, going bare foot in the modern world doesn’t really work, however I always have a terrible time finding anything to buy as:

1) I like to be comfortable and women’s shoes these days are more like implements of torture
2) I have wide feet and a very high instep
3) I have feet shaped feet and the designers of women’s shoes don’t appear to be interested in creating shoes that fit human shaped feet.

So, Sunday, I ordered myself a pair of Apache Moccasins from Steger Moosehide Mukluks, a company based in Ely, Minnesota that is inspired by traditional First Nations designs for their products. I wasn’t certain that they would be the solution to my problems but they sure looked and sounded cool on the web site. Well they showed up today and I am one happy camper. They are really cool and I love how they tie around the ankles. I’m not sure they are tight enough and I may end up having to wear double socks as the hide stretches with wear. We’ll have to see. If things go well I’d like to buy a pair of Ojibwa or Navajo books for the winter.

Current temperature: here 52F/11C, there 8C/46F

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