Deja Vu for the millionth time, Oz style

So an Oz male blogger by the name of Possum Comitatus asks the perennial question, “Where are all the wimmez?” on the political blog Pollytics.

Not a very original question you’ve got to admit and, um, a little baffling from my point of view since there are a plethora of women blogging about politics, certainly way more than one can ever keep up with. All you have to do is look to find them on which ever continent you happen to reside.

The comment thread on the original post wasn’t particularly enlightening so I checked out posts on Hoyden About Town and Larvatus Prodeo which proved to be more illuminating. Hoyden About Town especially so as you can watch Possum Comitatus dig a deeper and deeper hole as his unexamined privilege becomes more and more apparent and hits rock bottom with a gratuitous racial slur.

I also enjoyed reading fuckpoliteness‘ response Fixing to have a meltdown cos women dare to have a contrary opinion.

My favourite response though was from Skud, Where are all the men bloggers? where the comment thread is stupendous. Her follow up post nicely summarises the whole thing.

When I hang out on the internet it’s mainly at sites where most of the contributors are female or there’s an aggressive moderator policy. I really don’t want to subject myself to the horrendous slurs and put downs that appear to be the staple of many male run blogs. If you have to ask, “Where are the women?”, perhaps you’re part of the problem.

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2 Responses to Deja Vu for the millionth time, Oz style

  1. lauredhel says:

    Hi WeatherGirl! Thanks for the link. One of the things I love about these cross-blog conversations is the new blogs I discover in the process. I think your last paragraph, especially, is spot-on.

    (from a slightly-chilly but humid 12C evening.)

  2. WeatherGirl says:

    Not that it’s likely to bring you much traffic! *lol* I appreciate the opportunity to listen to articulate feminists as it helps me to live a more considered feminist life.

    Back to lurk mode.

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