Finally, I get out of fifth gear.

So for a while now, may be close to a year, my poor old bicycle has been stuck in the same gear. I’m assuming it’s fifth gear, it’s been impossible to tell exactly but overcoming inertia has been tough and any incline quickly slows me to a snail’s pace and makes me look like your eighty year old granny.

Yesterday I stopped by Hardware Hanks and they said they’d give it a whirl and see what magic they could work. Five hours later, said bike was back up and running, and available for collection. The problem was easily discovered as the gear cable had completely snapped, probably due to the fact my trusty steed sits outside unprotected from the elements for most of the year.

So now I’m a very happy camper and don’t have to struggle like a granny to get over the one hill in town.

Current temperature: here 63F/17C, there 16C/61F

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