The Roman Polanski Non-sense

I haven’t blogged on these events till now because it seemed to me that so many had lost their heads for some unaccountable reason that they were bound to come to and renounce their support for Roman Polanski. Looks like that was wishful thinking. *sheesh* Every time I hear of a new celeb/actor/who-ever signing up with the Polanski Pity Party I have a serious WTF moment and try and think of reasons why. I have a list, which I won’t be including here because,


why does, ‘admitting to raping a thirteen year old girl when you were a middle-aged man and fleeing sentencing thirty odd years ago’ result in you being the victim and in need of support and assistance?

Here are a few links to commentary with which I agree and is waaaaaay more articulate than I.

Jay Smooth sums it all up nicely.

Kathe Pollitt’s article in The Nation: Roman Polanski Has a Lot of Friends

A post linking to Kate Harding’s posts on the issue.

Jill Psmith, the blogger formerly known as Twisty Faster, has her finger on the pulse: Yet another reason celebrities should be spurned by polite society until they can learn to stop doing stupid shit.

Hell, even a guy like John Naughton gets it.

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