Favourite Advert of the Moment

So this first aired during the 2010 Super Bowl and has fast become my favourite ad. Mostly they’ve aired shortened versions of the original but every time it comes on I actually watch this ad rather than fast forward over it and chair dance my way through it.

Favourite bits: bowling, the “Right Stuff” entry into the casino, the stitched tattoo and the snow angels.

I could have done without the “hot babes” as I don’t think they do anything but add a scurvy frisson. This ad uses toys as characters and I found the hot tub scene, especially, inappropriate. Once again ad makers appear unable to resist including a shout out to straight adolescent males even for a product that is clearly aimed at suburban mum types. Fortunately the shortened versions of the ad I’ve seen haven’t included the “hot babes”.

By the way, the album is brilliant. (The Heavy, The House That Dirt Built.) We play tracks from it all the time on our KUMM radio show and they haven’t disappointed. And they are British. Who knew!!!!!!

Current temperature: here 37F/3C, there 10C/50F

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