Student Art Show Entries

This year I submitted two sculptures to the juried student art show and both of them were accepted.

The first piece is called, Entangled, and was made as part of the Fabric as Form class. We were each given 2.25 yards of muslin and asked to create a piece of art based on an object from nature using all the fabric in the piece.

Some what obliquely I began with the idea of a vagina and how society talks about this piece of female anatomy as if it’s a constantly present space waiting to be occupied by a man’s penis. In fact, it is much more reasonable to think of it as a glove, or sheath, that space is only created when an object is either pushed inside or enveloped. With this as my starting point I went on to create the piece below.

Viewing of the hands

Below is my second piece called, Torso. This was one of the first pieces I made as part of an aluminium pour in the introductory sculpture class. The original form was carved out of Styrofoam/polystyrene. (Styrofoam is a brand of polystyrene.) In approaching working with polystyrene I found that the nature of the material led me to carve organic forms that could rest comfortably in the palm of my hand. (The wood base is walnut.)

Torso (From different angles)

Current temperature: here 77F/25C, there 9C/48F

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