Poem: Head Girl

Head Girl by Susan Gilbert, September 2010

They are a rambunctious rabble,
gathered at one’s table.
One wonders if one has the mix right?

Geoffrey seems to have knuckled under one’s latest diktat,
even if he’s gone all Brussels on one.

Willie is.
Snooze inducing. The sensible wet side,
balanced by the mad monk, to one’s far right.

Sadly, Norman is nowhere in sight.
Maybe someone stole his bicycle?
Words will be had.

Oh my, Michael’s soft silky mane is so out of control.
All it needs is a good brushing, stroking, teasing, petting.
One might wind one’s fingers around those long luscious locks.

God, no! Cecil is flirting with one again. If one were not such a people person one would bash his head in with one’s hand bag. (It is a lethal weapon, registered with Her Majesty’s Secret Service.) Only to be used in the most desperate circumstances. Apparently, this does not count.

My. One is thirsty. Where is one’s husband when he is needed?
A cuppa would go down right well about now.

Margaret Thatcher was the UK Prime Minister, 4th May 1979 – 28th November 1990.  The following were all ministers during her tenure as PM.

The mad monk aka Sir Keith Joseph was the so called power behind the throne in what came to be   known as Thatcherism. Served as Secretary of State for Education and Science, and Secretary of State for Industry.

Willie Whitelaw served as Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary.

Geoffrey Howe served as Deputy Prime Minister, Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Norman Tebbit infamously told the unemployed of the north of England they should get on   their bikes and go south to look for work. Served as Secretary of State for Employment, and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

Michael Heseltine‘s challenge for leadership of the Conservative party helped oust Margaret   Thatcher and led to John Major becoming Prime Minister. Served as Secretary of State for Defence, and Secretary of State for the Environment.

Cecil Parkinson served as Secretary of State for Energy, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, and Secretary of State for Transport.

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