Ah yes, this is winter!

So we’ve had snow, of and on, these last few months but today was the first time I needed to shovel knowing that if I didn’t the sun wouldn’t fix the situation. The storm didn’t bring much in precipitation but the wind blew everything around enough that there was plenty of snow to be dumped in the driveway by the ploughs as they cleared the street.

I managed to start shovelling early in the afternoon, so the sky was clear and a bright blue, and standing in the sunlight was pleasant. The shadow of the house only crossed the pavement in one corner so I didn’t get to stand in the cold for too long. The job took about 40 minutes and was not too onerous. The tricky spots as usual were the end of the front walk, which was filled in up to 6 or 7 inches by the wind and the two spots where the pavement intersects with the street which the snow plough had filled in.

Current temperature: here 14f/-10C, there -1C/30F

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